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Vital Kale Salad Recipe

I am infamously in love with Kale, and try convince friends and family weekly that if they give it a try (the way I make it) they’ll love it too! – This recipe is so simple and so delicious,…


UK Road Trip Film

Hello everyone! I’ve missed this! I haven’t had the time or energy to blog here in a while, but it’s still a big part of my heart, and i’ve loved having this space to connect with you. I realised…

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Emily Moon

I will never forget our time at Emily Moon. It’s more than just a hotel, or a restaurant. It’s adventuring into a story and a legend you never knew existed, and one that you never want to leave. You…

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Food House

Country Road Kitchen

The changing of the seasons always brings a new mood, and spring is always one of hope and change. Cleaning up, clearing out and bringing things back down to earth. Peeling back the layers that we hid over the…

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Health & Fitness


Create for a cause with adidas Hi, I’m Emma and I’m here to create! In the last year i’ve become an accidental athlete. I started training at Roark Gyms about 18 months ago to get into shape, and through getting…

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My favourite restaurants in Cape Town are the ones that take no reservations. They leave room for wonderful spontaneity and the promise of an amazing meal if you arrive early enough to get a table. We love Chefs Warehouse…

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Inside Out Part 2: Healthy eating

Confession time. About 4 years ago I banted. Banting was really having it’s moment and we were on the bantwagon.  While I do not believe that it’s a sustainable diet, I did actually learn two really important things from…

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DO create. DO shine. DO bold. After I finished studying, only a year into my life as a ‘working adult’ I quit corporate life to jump straight into doing my own thing. A bold, scary move in retrospect. Looking…

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Daniel Wellington: Dark meets Light

Meet the new Classic Petite time piece by Daniel Wellington. I’ve been eyeing out the new DW black watch faces for a while now, and when they approached me for another collaboration I jumped at the opportunity to give…

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Inside out: Introduction

Have you ever had the experience of finally understanding something as whole? Not just each individual part, but how they all come together and just “click”? I remember when I first learnt about photography, having to comprehend the effects…