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March 2009


    Loong time. no post. sorry


    hello.. sorry i have been neglecting my blog a bit, it is because of deadlines and because of weddingness!! 😀

    my brother got married on saturday .. ahh and it was just lovely 🙂 soooo much love… daniel and lucy are such an awesome couple, congrats guys!

    here’s a photo pierre (my brother in law) took during all the pre wedding prep and photos – i love it. well done p.


  • embroidery

    i’m wearing my lucky tshirt

    i made this the other night just for fun while listening to mr jason mraz. heard his song lucky? well its pretty rad (quite old now i know but i still…

  • zooey

    She and Him, shim and he..

    do. do. doo doo di doo…. Zooey Deschanel is Awesome! i just discovered her little indie band “She and him” and they’re amazing! i tried to upload a track but its…

  • dsc06491

    Dear reader, i love you!

    So on friday me and dyl were roaming the shops and ended up in look and listen and i thought i’d roam towards the south african section to check if dear…

  • favoritepolaroid1

    Looloo louise lou lulu’s

    hello hello….. YES!  so i finally got my first roll of film from my diana developed yesterday and this is one pic i took across the road from Lulu (if u…

  • swingbusstop

    i love apples

    Just when you think Apple couldnt get ANY cooler they have guerilla advertising campaigns like this 🙂 A swing at a bus stop advertising the Apple mac air…. this makes me…

  • graduationcupcakes1

    Cupcake Revolution

    Yummy! It was my sister-in-law-to-be’s (phew!) kitchen tea on Saturday and i made these delish’s.. I couldnt resist these awesome marzipan bows. Sho – there’s a whole shop just for cupcake…

  • chochotcrossbun

    heeey.. these arent raisins!

    Have you ever bitten into something you thought was choc chip and it turned out to be raisins??? what if i told you the opposite thing happened to me.. hahaha… so…