Ad Campaign for Velskoen Drive in. WOOP*

screenpolaroidI love the Velskoen drive in! so much.. i’ve had so many cool memories there from when i was little til the other day.. ah! its such a novelty that i dont think i will get over : ) thats why i picked it when we had to choose a small weird kind of business to do an ad campaign for. 

uh i’m not gonna give you my whole rationale but basically my objective was to fight competition and create more awareness of the drive in and its unique selling points ie. at the drive in there are no rules.. you can wear whatever you want, eat whatever you want – do whatever you want and no ones watching you, you’re in the privacy of your own car!  So i have 3 ads in which i have different stereotypes at the drive in letting their guards down and revealing their true selves, essentially breaking the stereotype.. enjoy!


THANK YOU: Natalie, Michelle, Jarred, Steve, Matt and Dylan 🙂

you guys are AWESOME!

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  • Chris Dawson

    awesome em!
    really realy clever concept, and great pics as always Dyl!
    I like the weepy jock one best 😀

    • emmajane

      THANKS! 🙂 🙂 – we were suppose to meet with the manager and everything and show them what we were doing but he wouldnt see me, something about the press twisting their words and i had to get permission from the main manager of ster kinekor – who is impossible to get hold of.. 🙁 o well..

  • Mick

    Em, these are so cool! Well done! Velskoen must use these as their campaign, it’ll do so well.

  • Dylan

    oooh… They came out so well… nice job emmie*!

    Matt has to be my favourite! The others are classic, but a Jock with a teddy gets first place!

  • Hannahkin

    woot! these are amazing 🙂 i’m gonna go with the jock as my favourite too… but i honestly love them all!

  • Alex van Heerden

    Classic, I love it!!!!!
    I recently rediscoverred the underrated past time that is “Draaif In”, and can’t get enough of Velskoen!!! Im glad I’m not the only sod still appreciating it!!!


  • Kaylin

    I absolutely love the drive in. I rediscovered it the other weekend and I just want to keep going. I’m afraid that it eventually dies out because people don’t even think aboutbit anymore . Half of the people i told though that they weren’t even around anymore! Gasp! It really needs more advertising and Im so glad to see someone is trying. Thumbs up to you!! they are great!