some pretty nice things from down under…


as much as we tease the ozzies and their accents, they really have some awesome things going down in their country..

things that i wish we had here..

1. Frankie Magazine. for one.


you can find it in most good bookstores here but its quite pricey macficey to subscribe to every month so to remedy this i follow their daily blog, quite religiously really. I always find lovely stuff there everyday.. Music. Art. Crafties. Food. Fashion and Photography. 

They’ve even brought two lovely books out. I found them both yesterday at my fav local book shop. the first one is ‘afternoon tea’ which contains deliciously mouth drooling recipes for tea treats accompanied by pretty colourful photos..


The other book is called ‘the photo album’.. wowie. its a collection of  photographs, some by professionals but most by normal everyday people and each has a two line story. FLIP. i loved it.. i want it.

the-photo-album cover

There was such a lovely quote on the first page, i wish i could remember all of it but it went something like this “in this book contains a collection of photos, some by professionals but most by ordinary, everyday people. Some will make you want to run away, some will make you want to cry, to laugh, to dance, to fall in love, to take a trip somewhere. but most importantly they will make you think or feel differently about the world we live in”

2. Music. not bad 😉

Lisa Mitchell ofcourse. and something new-ish – Angus and Julia Stone 🙂 quite a lovely duo.. very folksy and nice.

Angus and Julia Stone

try ‘mango tree’ on for size here

3. Day dream Lily 🙂 one of my favorite blogs! and another nice meet through the blogging world 🙂


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