different names for the same thing

After hearing some confusion about my blog name i thought it was necessary to rectify the situation:) the story is…

My name is Emma-Jane, double barrel and my older brother used call me ‘imagine’ and i haaated it.. and gave him the stink eye every time he did.. later on though it worked out well as a play on words… see –>



just in case you thought i was vain about having my own nation or something 😉

i got a little carried away with the magnetic alphabet.. think they might make a cool new blog background. maybe?





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  • http://www.nicoleshmicole.blogspot.com Nicole

    i want these. aaaah. just to take one baby polaoroid.

    where did you get them? they’re so cool.

  • http://coffeeandchocolates.blogspot.com/ choc_coffee

    beautiful pictures 🙂

  • http://www.EmmaJaneNation.com emmajane

    thanks guys..
    nic i got them at this funny little korean toyshop place near me (in robin hills, randburg) its called hayoung or something..
    ill try find the right name for u

  • casey McCusker

    Clever. Used to have these on the fridge as a kid. Now we all seem to have reverted to fridge poetry.

  • http://hannahkin.tumblr.com Hannahkin

    magnetic words! and ice cream! and summer! and imagination! (all is suddenly clear in my brain… hah 😉 ) SO radificent!

  • http://www.bambooblossom.co.za Natasha

    How did I miss that?! 😀