Notting hill by colour


As I said before, to me, Notting Hill, was just magic!  I was expecting something wonderful and out of the movies but I got way more!

I got to Portobello road at about 11.30 on Saturday and there was just an intangible air to the place! Music from the buskers filled the air (think Amelie soundtrack), delicious smells inviting you to little shops and stalls and. so.much. COLOUR …. everywhere you look. Brilliant blues and turquoises, pastels, tasty reds.. it seriously was a sensory feast. oh! and the buildings are just sooo beautiful! and there are crowds of people everywhere but everyone just seems happy! gaah* and ofcourse the shops are endless and full of pretty much whatever you want! hats, sunglasses, antiques, vintage things, fur coats, fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables. WOW!  I could live there.

ok. i need to stop! 🙂 I could really talk about it forever.. but i need to get down to the blogging. I’ve decided to blog about it all by colour!  so I need to still do a BIT of sorting but here’s a little taster of whats to come.






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    June 14, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Gorgeous pics! Looks like you are having the best time ever!

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