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November 2010

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    little little thing

    look at this little little anchor. its so cute and small and awesome! I like it so much. I bought a whole of bunch of them at a little button shop…

  • bikeshot2f

    cycle style spring shoot

    via DaydreamLily. soooo so pretty. Dylans parents are going to¬†Australia¬†for a month I wonder how they’d feel about bringing me back a bicycle : )…

  • Typestaches_Final

    I really moustache

    Happy Movember : ) I’m really grateful that dylan is not partaking, Septembeard was too much. must dash. when did moustaches get so trendy? i like this. x…

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    blue valentine. x

    Ryan Gosling! Its like the notebook all over again. Paired up with Michelle Williams. yes please! looking forward to this! It will prob only come here sometime next year! man. it…