sunnies on a rainy day

It has been rainy and chilly in Joburg for a couple of days. Not very summery. Not very cool. But who cares you can still wear sunglasses when its raining or while in doors right? I’m gonna.





The first pair were my grandmothers. and the last 4 are from China Mall. 2 x animal print, 1 x Gaga and 1 x AWESOME – you can be cool or nerdy whenever you want. See them modelled here. : )


These are probably my favorite ones though. I got them about 2 weeks ago at about R25 each. So i’m sure you can still get your paws on some! Have a lovely day despite the weather! x x bye

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  • kat


  • Emma

    Wellllll, it’s winter here and it is SO COLD.
    I haven’t seen a pair of sunglasses or *gasp* shorts since September!

    Love those sunglasses, by the way (:


  • Lauren

    You look awesome!!! What is this China Mall? I want all these sunnies – so cool!

  • Jo-Anne

    your hair is soooo gorgeous!


  • Nadia – Cupcake Couture

    I love all of them!
    So cool!

  • Janica

    hi! I’ve been coming on your blog for like a year now, but I never leave any comments and I just wanted to let you know that your blog is awesome, and that it’s so great that you’re getting married! And also, thank you for putting Amelie and Sondre Lerche on here because I had never watched/heard them, and now I love them. Soooo, you are so cool!

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