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April 2011


    wedding fever

    In the spirit of weddings, I thought i’d share my wedding video with you that we just got a few days ago. Made by the lovely Nicole Velleman.

    She filmed our entire wedding day and then picked out the lovely and special moments. It really captures the essence of the day. I love it so much. OH! to go back. What an awesome day!


    Emma and Dylan from Nicole Velleman on Vimeo.

    Filmed and edited by Nicole Velleman

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    Catherine and William

    Congratulations to Catherine and William! My family and I are on holiday by the sea and have been glued to the tv all morning, mum has the bunting from my wedding…

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    Eyewear 2011

    I’m quite a big fan of sunglasses. I have so many pairs I really have no idea what to do with all of them and had to clean out quite a…

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    Zara // People!

    Have you seen Zara People! ? It’s like look book but pretty much just with Zara clothes, so clever of them. You have to create a look with at least 2…

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    mememe two

    Mememe & TWO have just opened up their doors in Parkhurst and I went past yesterday for a look see. It’s such a pretty and interesting shop. The clothes were gorgeous…

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    pretty paper products

    apologies for my absence, over the weekend and yesterday I was feeling completely tired and uninspired, even when looking through the usual blogs of perfect images. (It might have something to…

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    Betty Draper style

    Dylan and I just finished the first season of Mad men. and I know i’m far behind but wow! I love it : ) I mean the advertising world in 1960’s…

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    weddings and winter

    Go to Beatnik Bazaar today : ) She’s doing a new series where a few of us bloggers share the things we’re looking forward to about winter : ) and my…

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    a little brighter

    Found such a pretty blog written by a girl named Ayesha from New Zealand. She freakishly looks exactly like Zooey Deschanel and has the nicest vintage wardrobe i’ve ever seen. These…

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    Mumford on a Monday

    I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of and love Mumford & Sons? Am I right? : ) if not. I want to share with you one of my favorite songs.…