emmajanenation in the press!

I know it’s a bit belated but i’m still really excited to share with you guys my first piece of real press for emmajanenation. Fairlady did a little interview with me about what my favourite things are at the moment and it’s on page 218 of the current July issue! It came out while I was overseas and I was busy skyping Dylan when I found out! heehee. He rushed over to CNA and bought a bunch of copies and then tried to show me through a bad skype connection ; ) ah. so sweet. anyway here it is.

It’s even up on our fridge! Thank to everyone who went out and bought a copy! : ) I’m still stoked and appreciate every comment, tweet, email about it. I’m rocking the brunette in this photo but after today i’m pretty much back to my blonde self. I missed it a bit too much.

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  • Lea

    Nuce one Emma Jane!

  • http://www.glossaryzine.blogspot.com Lauren

    Oh awesome!! When they asked me who I think would be perfect for an inty with them, I said, you! It came out awesome, congrats girl. x

  • Emma

    This article happens to be the reason I stumbled upon your blog. Yay for Fair Lady!