fffinds # 3


I’ve found a lot of fashion lately that I really want to share but don’t really want my blog to become fashion overload – It can get a bit much so i’m squeezing it in here as a part of a few of my finds of the week. Hope you like.

1. Heidi Braids and Red lips in Alma Reuter and Franka Lederbogen for the Spring 2012 issue of J’N’C Magazine

2. Dreamy Double Exposures by You Should Take Care. They’re paintings. I know right?

3. Freya Beha Erichsen for FREE PEOPLE. This look book is full of beautiful clothes.

4.  Farrow and Ball colour blocking in the home.

Great inspiration for anyone who wants to update their home with a simple lick of fun paint.

5. The Berlin home of photographer Magnus Reed. I’m so jealous of the simple, massive open spaces.

6. Local gal Jane Sews’ Leather shorts in an editorial piece, styled by Nicole Van Heerden. Very pretty ladies. I love these photographs (Be sure to check out all of Jane Sews instagrams – there are a lot of sneak peaks of her new A/W range!)

7. Rifle’s international greeting/calling cards – Bonjour! Hola!

8. and.. a nice DIY over at Design Love Fest (pretty much my favourite blog at the moment). I love this girl’s style!

Happy Friday!

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    February 11, 2012 at 12:10 am

    So many great finds! The apartment looks great, actually every apartment on freundevonfreunden looks great, so…I also love the candle holder, I am so excited about the new column on bri’s blog!

    have a nice weekend!!

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