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March 2012


    The weekly forage # 1


    Dyl and I have been packing up a lot of our stuff recently, we have a lot of random things lying around the house and have just hired a storage unit nearby to put a lot of it in! We don’t have a garage you see, and we’re prepping and priming our place to to be sold. So we’re going for the minimalist look and trying to hide away all our things that take up too much space and aren’t used everyday. (There is a reason i’m telling you all this).

    During this clearing out and packing away process i’ve found a lot of things i’ve collected over the years. Things that may not necessarily be useful ; ) but I would find very hard to part with. Call it my little treasury of miscellaneous objects.. and i’ve decided to share a few of those things with you.

    First up an Eyelash Curler with the sweetest packaging and a bizarro teen shmodel picture of Brooke Shields!

    I found this at my local pharmacy, clearly old stock but how old? I have no idea, I would guess it’s perhaps from the 70’s, but who knows? Some Koreans could’ve copied the awesome design and typography, found an old picture of Brooke and shipped them out here. Who knows?

    ps. If you were wondering yes I did try it out on my lashes! and no I did not look like Brooke Shield afterwards : (

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