july 3 2012-2

1. Wafer typography for fun. Those babies didn’t last 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

2. While browsing items at an auction I found this old Hamilton mixer with the original manual and recipe book. We didn’t bid on but we did on a few other things and won : ) more on those later.

3. We went go visit our new Parkhurst home on Saturday morning.

4. Look at the beautiful pressed ceilings! Some of them need some work but flip when i’m there I just want to look up the whole time.

5. The front outside patio. Feels like you could drink wine and pretend you’re living in Italy here. I love it. and the creepers are Jasmine, so they’re going to smell amazing come September.

6. Pizza night with my best friends at the Jolly rodger on a saturday night.

7. Healthy snacks that look good too.

8. My Sale boots from Zara. Such a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe!

9. I just moved into my new office with my new copywriter, it’s not exactly photo ready. I’m keen to make it an awesome space, starting with this pretty succulent.

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