In today’s issue of ceremony I want to have a succulent party. I love these little guys and I love that so many brides and homemakers are using these low maintenance, beautiful plants in their decor now. I especially love when they’re used in bouquets. Their lovely shades of Aqua’s and green’s are so wonderfully complemented by white and pops of oranges and yellows, and I bet they don’t wilt a bit on the day.

Succulents have also been very nicely and subtly included in this awesome road trip themed elopement shoot (ever heard of one these? hee). I love it. You can’t elope and not record it properly right?? 🙂 We had a booking for a stop motion invitation earlier this year and right before we were going to do it, they cancelled and told us they were eloping to Kenya! I thought it was incredibly romantic : ) and hoped they got someone to record the moment beautifully.

via Chloe Photography

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  • brazen

    Pretty. Love the Succulents

  • Nicole

    That shoot is beautiful! wow. Road trip elopement suddenly seems appealing:)

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