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If you like pretty fashion, beautiful photography and handmade lovelies you’ll love this online publication called Pony Anarchy. It’s something you can get a bit lost in for a while. After getting lost in the digital pages i’ve become so inspired to go and create something, to charge my Olympus Pen which has been sitting in a drawer for months and take some beautiful pictures and create my own personal photography projects. I’ve noticed I’ve become a very lazy everyday photographer. Maybe because I do it as work now i’ve gotten less obsessed. I don’t know, but I definitely feel a hunger to take pictures again (non iphone pictures that is). I mean how can you not be itching to create when you see pictures like this? (I actually found it hard not to just post the whole latest issue here it’s so pretty).

I love this last picture.

Now go on over there get inspired for the week.

Happy Monday.  We can do this.

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