butter on the paws

Have you ever heard of the method of putting butter on the paws when moving cats from house to house? That’s what everyone told us to do to help our cats with the move to help them forget their old home. I thought it was a little cruel and also didn’t want greasy paw prints everywhere so have just opted to keep them locked indoors for about two weeks. They’re adjusting well though and we’re adjusting too. I love our new neighborhood.

I can’t wait to go for runs and walk down to the shops on the weekend. On Sunday morning we woke up and decided to take a little walk down to 4th Avenue for a cappuccino and a pastry. It was so nice strolling down the little streets and then walking back with warm coffee’s and a bag full of croissants. I’m so so happy here!

I still love Craighall Park. It was the perfect first place for us. We had such a nice town house, within walking distance of a grocery  shop, a fruit and flower shop, a bottle store, a chemist, a garage, a lovely restaurant/champagne bar and a pizza place. It was pretty awesome, but being in the hub of Parkhurst has other perks too : ) Here are a few pictures I took in the last days at 52 Castellana.

Anyone else going through a big move/change?

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  • Rochelle Kay

    We’re moving (and painting the new place, and fixing a bunch of stuff). We’re going to wait until all the painting is done, then bring her to her new home! Glad you like the new place!

  • http://www.startingonsaturdays.wordpress.com Tessa-Jean Tuttle

    I was visiting Jhb for a week & stayed at Castellana – I’ve never liked joburg so much as when we were in that area 🙂 it even made this loyal cape townian consider living up there…!
    Happy nesting.

  • http://www.EmmaJaneNation.com emmajane

    It is a lovely area, and a lot of people say how it has such a ‘cape town vibe’ 🙂