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We’re in the middle of home renovations at the moment – no major building (yet) but we’re painting over what feels like every surface in our house. We’ve picked some really nice shades of grey (this phrase will never be the same again!) ; ), and it’s looking great so far. We have a light grey inside which really makes the pressed ceilings pop white and will look amazing with white wooden floors!

I think I have convinced my husband to experiment with painting our wooden floors white (Sacrilege, I know!) We’re going to start it in our spare room first, and if we’re happy we’re going to do it throughout. I really don’t know how practical it is but it sure does look pretty, and I think it’ll suit our house style.

We’re also trying to sort out our cupboards, the one’s that are in the house at the moment are really terrible, just old, very badly designed and falling apart. We’ve already deconstructed the one in our spare room, and are most likely going to deconstruct the one in our room soon! We’re keen to try the minimalist rack and drawers for a bit, but again – I don’t think it’s such a practical long term solution (do any of you have something like that? and is it cool?) – we’re mostly concerned about the dust!), so we’re looking at other white bedroom furniture, or possibly getting Brak to make us some cool wardrobes?

Ooh don’t you love this kitchen? I love the rod with all the utensils hanging off it.

Design/interior blogs make me so depressed. Why can’t our homes look like that? I always wonder.. where the heck do they put all their stuff? Their tv? Their clothes? Everything is far to minimalist to be a true reflection on what it’s like on a everyday basis. Hehe. What do you think?

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