Badminton bats and preppy dresses

“Spot of badminton, anyone?

Inspired by the lawn tennis outfits of the 1960s and the “contrasting colorful mayhem” of the neighborhood public pool, Lauren Moffatt busted out a kaleidoscopic lineup of prim and preppy dresses, separates, and swimwear at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Filmy silks, floral-printed denim, and cutouts galore set apart a collection that straddles nostalgia and modernity with uncanny ease.”

I love the colour palette and feel of this entire collection. I’d happily wear these items all summer long, sipping lemonade and playing a bit of table tennis or badminton between swims.

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  • lauren, curious constellation

    This has got to be one of my favourite collections from NYFW.

  • Camilla

    I need those chambray flatforms!