I am a little bit in love with the new Mumford & Son’s album. I’ve had it on repeat since I got it. I like it because it’s very consistent with “Sigh no more”, great melodies, a lot of banjo and a lot of emotion.

This song in particular is one of those spine tingling beauties. It’s called whispers in the dark.

This is what they had to say about the album

“We were quite intentional on this record with intimate moments and saving those,” says Ted Dwayne, the band’s upright bassist and vocalist. “Also, leaving a bit more space within songs — songs like ‘Ghosts That We Knew’ and ‘Reminder’ and, actually, ‘Lover’s Eyes,’ which have instrumental breaks and all really intimate moments, and they’re not shying away from being quiet as well as being loud.”

I was lucky enough to see them last year in London, and they are so amazing live. Such real and genuine guys with voices that will melt your mind. I’m hopeful that they’ll pop into South Africa sometime for a show, maybe a really nice intimate theatre show – I think they suit that type of show where people can sit and really listen but then also get up and dance if they want to. We’ve been so lucky lately with great bands coming out. Tallest man on earth, got  Two Door Cinema Club tickets and I can’t wait to for bloc party and now the drums later in the year!

Actually, I wish there would be a ticket lottery for every concert just like the one for Two Door Cinema Club. That was the best idea ever. Apply for tickets and it’s the luck of the draw. I’m finding the computicket process of getting tickets extremely dishearteningly lately, especially when getting tickets for the big bands and you’re number 7004 in the queue. With so many big bands coming, one hopes they sort it out quickly.

Anyway, who’s going to Bloc party this weekend?

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    October 3, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I bought this album this weekend & I love it! My car wont let me take it out (no really it actually is jammed in there-but i don’t mind one single bit!) i’m wishing with my whole mumford heart that they come to sa.
    yessss to bloc party!

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