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Kinfolk Mag
I’m sure by now most of you have heard of Kinfolk magazine, but I felt it so necessary to post about it. I have fallen in love with every aspect of this magazine. The design, the photography and especially the content. It’s simple, beautiful and uncontrived.

I now regularly get my copy at Warm & Glad, and devour each page/chapter slowly. I love the human element of it and I feel connected to the people and places in the articles. It’s encourage me to build and put more emphasis on real relationships, and to create opportunities to do that. It can be a home cooked meal, or a cup of tea with a friend. It doesn’t have to be fancy, the emphasis is on what comes out of the getting together and gathering around a table or a kitchen.

I want more of Kinfolk in my life, i’m even pretty keen to host my own Kinfolk dinner sometime.

This is their manifesto:
Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love.
Every element of Kinfolk—the features, photography, and general aesthetics—are consistent with the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. Kinfolk is the marriage of our appreciation for art and design and our love for spending time with family and friends. 

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