Floral typography

A few weeks ago I made some floral typography for our new walls. Our walls were quite ugly at the time and desperately needed something nice (and temporary) on them. So I made these letters spelling out GO FORTH. I really love these words, they remind me of a bible verse that says “Go forth and multiply” hehe. I always thought it would be a nice name for a design agency, or perhaps for my own design projects. (These letters now live below in my office)

I thought my plastic flower type was pretty great until I saw this beautiful fresh floral typography by Anne Lee. I love how the letters look like they’re dancing. See below for details – they’re insane!

How incredible do the letters look up close? I think I need to remake mine asap.

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  • http://www.curiousconstellation.blogspot.com lauren, curious constellation

    I’ve got some sad looking walls in my room so I think this is something I’m definitely going to try.