N + D wedding shots

Lad & Lass sillouettes

We shot the most lovely wedding on Saturday and I was reminded again how much I love love and how much I love what I do. I never dreamed I’d be doing this almost pretty much full time and enjoying it as much as I am, it’s like a really awesome surprise.

I won’t lie the transition stage has definitely had it’s challenges – getting set up, overcoming obstacles and making scary decisions.. but it’s definitely been worth it. I don’t regret anything at all (so far at least). ; )

If you’re thinking about making a jump from having a boss to going freelance consider this as a sign and a push of encouragement. You can do it, and in the small chance it doesn’t work out there will always be a desk job with your name on it.

“Fortune favours the brave”

By the way.. Lad & Lass was featured on The Pretty Blog yesterday!

If you want to see more of our work go look here.

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