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La Champañerîa, Barcelona

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If you’re headed to Barcelona on a budget one place you have to know about is La Champañerîa Can Paixano. It’s a meat and cava (champagne) bar and was probably the most awesome place we went to in Barcelona.

It’s a tiny space so it fills up fast (so you’re drinking and eating pretty much shoulder to shoulder with everyone…but thats part of the fun). You slowly make your way to the bar, order your pink Cava (A really delicious Rosé champagne they make themselves) and a Bocadillo (a hot sandwich with chorizo or whatever you like inside), and you enjoy the atmosphere. The Spanish guys behind the counter are always shouting out orders, and constantly pouring champagne – we found the service was excellent – our glasses were never empty 😉

The vibe is amazing. It’s loud, the space is so tight and you are forced to make friends with the strangers next to you (Most likely a local or another tourist you can swap stories with). You are guaranteed to spill your champagne (as they fill it to the brim!), and you most likely won’t be able to decipher the menu boards (just order a hot Chorizo Bocadillo – it’s amazing). Also don’t look down, apparently the sign of good bar/restaurant is how dirty the floor is (Don’t worry it’s mostly wrappers and serviettes and spilt champagne).

A glass of Pink Cava goes for 1 Euro, and a Bocadillo goes for around 1.65 Euro. If you order tapas or croquettes those go up to about 3.50 – still the cheapest tastiest meal you’ll have in Barcelona.

La Champañerîa is located near the Barceloneta Beach/metro and it’s on a road Calle Reina Christina. Once you find the road, it may seem like a quiet street – just keep walking til you find it. There’s no signage, but you’ll know once you’ve found it!

Tip: Get there before 8pm to get a good spot.

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