Gaudi’s Barcelona

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(1. Casa Mila 2. Park Guell)

Something you literally can’t avoid doing in Barcelona is admiring the many works of Anton Gaudi. His work is all over the city from pavement tiles, to lamp posts to massive structures.

We saw a fair amount of his work, and it’s probably the strangest, coolest architecture you’ll ever see. When designing he was inspired by nature, so all of his work has a very organic feeling to it. You’ll see pillars that look like tree trunks and buildings that look like water.

The one day we walked up to see Casa Mila and went further up the hill to Parc Guell. It was a hot steep walk but it was so worth it to see his work in real life, and explore this incredible public park he built.

We also went into Gaudi’s house which was very small, but interesting nonetheless. I wouldn’t say it’s a must, but it was cool to see some of his furniture design.

Gaudi’s ergonomic benches all around the park, they were so comfortable! I was flipping tired at this point of the day.

The awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, his famous unfinished work.

They started building it about 130 years ago and they estimate that it will only be completed in 2026. Gaudi’s joke about this incredible church is that his client isn’t in any rush.

I definitely recommend you go inside (with an audio guide), and up one of the towers. The inside is actually complete and it is absolutely incredible. The light, the ceilings and the stories carved into the walls are mind blowing.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (free entrance after 5pm).

Parque de la Ciudadela (A lovely park for a picnic). We stayed right across the road so went there a few times just to chill.

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    Guys your photos are just delicious! love that you enjoyed Barcelona so much!

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