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From the people that brought you Power and the Glory now bring you “Hallelujah!”.  A tiny Champagne bar serving a small menu of Asian-infused delights.

In our short trip to Cape Town it was only open to us on the Saturday night. All the reviews warned that it was really hard to get into and they only have 3 tables inside so we pitched up an hour early to claim our seats, much to the waitress’s amusement, but we got inside and got to feast on pork buns and champagne!

It really is a TINY restaurant but it’s cozy and reminded me a lot of Bubble Dogs in London. It actually felt a lot like London.

They serve a nice range of local bubbles so we opted for a bottle of Saronsberg Brut bubbly which went down pretty well between the three of us! We shared the Slow roasted Pork Belly buns, Pulled Short rib buns, grilled prawns with buns and each had a bite of the famous lobster roll (at about R40 a bite, it’s a pretty pricey roll but pretty damn tasty!).

Overall it has a really cool vibe, great music, flamingo wallpaper and lobster magnets. If you’re looking for an awesome dining experience i’d definitely recommend it!

Oh I almost forgot about dessert – Dark Valrhona Choc Mousse with Passion fruit Jelly, Coconut ice cream and Rose Water Meringue. The true definition of amazeballs.

 Find them at 11 Kloof Nek Road, Gardens, Cape Town

079 839 2505

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    Keri Bainborough
    April 3, 2014 at 6:58 am

    SO awesome! Will definitely be going there next time we’re in CT. Hope you guys are well xxx

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