7 Swatches

Pink title

Pink title

I love colours! I’m always fascinated and confused when choosing paint and pouring over those divine and endless colour swatches!

I am extremely jealous of the person that gets to stare at colour swatches all day and name them. They come up with such great names like “shy pink”, or “cactus pete”. I think I would be very good at it.

So as a tribute to my love for colour I introduce to you 7 swatches. It may be interiors this week or fashion next week but these are the things (or the colours) that are inspiring me at the moment.

I’m in a pink mood!

light bubblegum pink

Light pastel pink

Bubblegum pink

Peachy Pink

Pop of pink in art

Pale pink walls

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    Ché Dyer
    August 19, 2014 at 10:23 am

    love this series!! those pink shelves are awesome! x

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