Maria Magdalena

WG0003 Carmen - Wander.Girl

WL0005 Urban Forager - Wander.Lust

Today I want to share the work of a local illustrator and designer Maria Magdalena Van Wyk.  She sent me an email this week showing me a few pieces from Wander.Collection and I instantly fell in love.

“The Wander Collection is a series of snippets from my ordinary life made extraordinary through lines of ink. I am searching for an elegant simplicity through a complex series of lines.”

– Maria Magdalena van Wyk

Her pieces are so simple yet have SO many intricate details. They’re beautiful and so affordable too. This is a wonderful opportunity to invest in some local art and start growing a little collection.

The Cat Lady print (below) will be our first house warming present for our new place in Cape Town! (Guys we’re moving in less than a month! I don’t know how it’s crept us on us so quickly!).

WL0005 Urban Forager - Wander.Lust

WG0004 Frida - Wander.Girl

WG0001 Winona - Wander.Girl

WG0003 Carmen - Wander.Girl

Don’t you love the detail in the fruit?

WG0003 Carmen - Wander.Girl

WG0002 Antoinette - Wander.Girl


To view more of her work and to buy one of these limited edition prints visit Maria Magdalena’s site here!

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    Amy Keevy
    November 18, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Love these illustrations… The cat lady print is by far my best 🙂

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