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The Oyster Box

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0006

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0006

At the end of last year while travelling around KZN and the Eastern Cape for weddings we stayed at the incredibly iconic Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga.

I have been there for tea before but staying there for a night was a real treat, especially when you know people like Charlize Theron are regular guests there.

Dylan was unfortunately sick that night but the staff looked after him so well, sending down medicine and get well soon balloons. The little personal touches are everything at The Oyster Box.

I dined alone that night and had their famous curry buffet. 11 different kinds! They all smelt delicious and I tried my best to try at least a bite of each them.

It was scrumptious dinner and such a cool foodie experience, especially if you love Indian food. It’s R270 per head and well worth it.

After dinner I joined my new Durban friend Megan Carrie at a really cool new bar called The Dutch in Umhlanga. It is tiny but decorated flawlessly from tiles to light fixtures! Go here for some live music and Prosecco!

I got “home” late that night and was greeted at the hotel door by Skabenga (the fat hotel cat), waiting up for me like a concerned parent. I trotted past him in my heels back to the room where it was way too hot to go to bed and Dylan was fast asleep. So I slipped out for a swim in the deserted hotel pool to cool down. It was one of those quite magical nights, swimming alone with the full moon above my head in a warm and balmy Durban.

The next morning Dyl was feeling a lot better and after a lovely swim in the pool we ate our full of the incredible breakfast spread.

With a friendly goodbye from the staff and some water for the road we took off for the transkei!

The hotel is incredibly luxurious yet very homey, and i’m very sure we’ll return someday soon. Hopefully for a bit longer next time!

Here are a pictures of my favourite corners of the hotel.

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0004

A dusty, pretty Durban skyline in the distance.

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0005

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0007

The gate from the hotel to the promenade.

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0008

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0009

Spot the moon.

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0010

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0011

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0001

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0012

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0013

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0014

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0015

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0002

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0016

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0017

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0018

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0019

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0020

Skabenga (means rascal / scallywag!)

The Oyster Box | EJN Travel_0021

If you find yourself nearby do pop in for tea, a buffet of curries or a place to rest your pretty head. It’s well worth adding the OBH to your bucket list.

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  • Reply
    Jenny Sarah Coulson
    March 4, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    One of my all-time favourite spots. I’ve been going there for scones and tea since I was a kid, and was so happily surprised when the renovations they did managed to retain the original charm of the hotel.

  • Reply
    March 5, 2015 at 2:26 am

    Oh my gosh, that hotel looks incredible! That view!!! I could very happily spend my day on a lounger on the Ocean Terrace 🙂

  • Reply
    Keri Bainborough
    March 5, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Stunning! Love The Oyster Box and fat little Skabenga 🙂 Beautiful post, Em x

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