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This is a little throwback Thursday to my bathroom renovations last year.

I’ve had a few emails looking for random renovation/bathroom advice and i’m happy to share any details of the process with you if you have questions.

There are so many decisions to make when renovating your bathrooms. What colour scheme you’re going for, what types of tiles you want (and will actually work practically), layout, storage… but one of the most important and overlooked decisions is your choice in taps. Yes taps.

We had a lot of fun at the Hansgrohe showroom testing out all their taps and shower heads, and seeing the different designs. There are more options than you think and it can be quite difficult to choose.

I will deal with the actual tap styles in another post but today I want to shed some light on Eco VS Rain showers.

The rain showers look amazing and are completely luxurious. Stepping into a shower where it feels like rain makes your shower time a real treat.

You might be thinking this is a waste of water and a bit too luxurious but Hansgrohe has actually has something called AirPower in the their Rain shower taps (check for the label).

“The principle is simple: an ample supply of air is sucked in via the jet disc of your AirPower shower. This infiltrates the incoming water. Around three litres of air are transferred to one litre of water. Thus you will be using your valuable water efficiently.”

So you can rock the rain shower, guilt free.

If you want to take your water saving to the another┬álevel Hansgrohe also have a range of EcoSmart taps and mixers. These reduce water consumption by up to 60%! You can even work out how much money you’d save on their website here!

We got one of each for our respective bathrooms!

What are your thoughts on this? Which one would you go for or have gone for? ; )

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