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A shop that only stocks three colours. Black, White and Grey.

I’m sold!

I don’t have a thing against colour but as i’ve gotten older i’ve been drawn to the simplicity of a monochrome wardrobe. I wrote a few posts about it here a while back.

I love having a wardrobe where everything works together and it’s easy to put an outfit together but where I can still play with trends and maybe wear something a bit ballsy every once in a while.

I think Nova Culture meets this very whim!

Here’s a bit more about the brand:

“Nova Culture is driven by fine craftsmanship and a love of bold and uncomplicated style. Created by sister duo Talia and Alexia Savva in 2012, Nova Culture showcases interesting pieces that speak to the quirky, slightly more rebellious side of fashion. Aside from showcasing local and international fashion designers, Nova Culture has their own range of clothing and bespoke jewellery.”

Take a look at their online store and browse through all the beautiful brands they stock… or if you’re more of a brick and mortar person go visit them at the brand new 27Boxes in Meliville, Johannesburg.

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