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Guys! There are such rad places in the southern suburbs of Cape Town!

One thing i’ve learnt in Cape Town is that city dwellers totally judge you if you live in the burbs, but they’re really just missing out on plethora of awesome spots there are out there (Sidebar: that being said – i’m moving to the city at the end of the month and i’ll let you know if I get brainwashed into the same thinking).

One of these awesome spots is Graciales (at Peddlars & Co) in Constantia. Dylan and I recently went out there for cocktails and small plates!

It’s a bright and beautiful restaurant based around the concept of social eating, and sharing small plates.

Take a peek!

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Clockwise: Chicharones, Sticky Vietnamese Ribs, Fried Calamari and Black Lentil Dhal. Yum!

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Even though there are many amazing places in town, I think this place is worth venturing out to!

Address: Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia, Cape Town (Look out for the orange signage!)

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