Sailing Greece

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0002 copy

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0002 copy

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I’ve slooowly been going through alll the pictures and videos we took in Greece, and I think i’ve held back on blogging them because it always seems so final. Once it’s done and blogged it means it’s really over, and you wonder if it ever happened at all!

I’ve already posted a mini guide to Santorini, and if you’re interested in taking a peek at the wedding we shot on a nearby island (Folegandros), it’s up on Lad & Lass!

Today, however, i’m posting about the last week of our holiday which was a sailing trip down and around the Saronic coast (click for map)

A couple of friends of ours (Kerri & Tyrell), joined us on the trip, and they made the best travel buds!

We did a Mozambique road trip with them last year, and made a plan this year to go international! We looked at Turkey, Greece and many sailing tours but ended up settling on the 8 day Greece sailing Contiki tour!

I’ve never really loved the idea of Contiki because I love planning my own trip, leaving some plans to chance and having the freedom to do what I want… but i’m so happy we booked this trip.

It was the best way to see Greece as well as being really affordable, and stress free! We considered hiring a yacht and sailing ourselves, but in the end it was really nice not having to worry about being shipwrecked in the mediterranean, paying port tax, and dealing with the admin side of it.

The trip consisted of two yachts, 8 people on each boat, with a captain and skipper.

We set sail from Athens, and our daily schedule was as follows:

Wake up, sail somewhere beautiful for breakfast (made by the captain) and swimming, then sail somewhere beautiful for lunch and swimming, and then we would sail to wherever we were docking in for the night, so we had the whole afternoon and evening to explore a new place and have a night on the town.

It was probably the most wonderful and relaxing trip i’ve ever had! We just read, slept on deck, got new freckles, jumped off rocks, swam in warm, turquoise waters, explored a lot of cute towns and ate a lot of Greek tapas!

Sailing feels almost meditative! All you’re doing is staring out to sea, watching the islands go by, reading, tanning, dancing on deck. Before we left I felt like a stress ball and like my heart had shrunk down to a raisin size (to reference Tina Fey), but after this trip my heart really felt full and pumping again, and my mind was clear and focused!

I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but ended up with way more video footage. We bought a good old underwater camera before we left. It wasn’t the best quality but it was the perfect camera for a trip like this.

The video below is a mix of this camera, my iphone and our Nikon D750’s, and gives a really great overview of the trip and what we got up to!

It starts in Athens (which I still need to blog!), but quickly moves onto the sailing leg of the trip. Enjoy!

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0004

Boat life: can be quite cramped at times, and the toilet/shower situation isn’t always the greatest… but you spend most of your time swimming, on deck and off the boat so it shouldn’t really bother you too much.

Sea sickness?: I didn’t take any medication and was surprised at the lack of sea sickness! You might feel like you’re a bit drunk when you stand still on dry land but it doesn’t last (bring tablets just in case!)

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0005

Who to do it with: Go alone or with friends. It was awesome going as a couple but I wouldn’t really recommend it for a honeymoon situation. Try get some friends to join, or if you’re feeling adventurous go alone! We had 4 people on our boat from all over the world travelling solo, and I guess that is the beauty of Contiki. You can travel alone because you’ll always be in a small group and meet people along the way!

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0006

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0007

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0008

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0009

A highlight: Celeb yacht spotting!: There are so many super yachts sailing around the islands and we would always peek about seeing who was on it! We spotted Emma Thompson, and I met Jane Seymour in Hydra! Our yachts were casually parked next to each other.


EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0010

Sunset in Hydra | and the Jane Sews playsuit that I basically lived in the whole Greece trip.

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0011

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0012

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0013

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0018

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0020

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0021

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0022

I loved all the tame cats everywhere in Greece. Look at them lining up so sweetly for breakfast!

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0023

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0024


EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0014


EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0015

Our Captain, Yannis.

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0016

EMMAJANENATION | Greece Sailing Trip_0017

If you have any questions about travelling in Greece please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

RAD TIP: This may not apply to everyone but if you’re on discovery vitality and you’re on a good tier (ie. Gold or Diamond) you get a travel rewards with Contiki. We’re on diamond so got 22% cash back from the trip which was really awesome! Use it… Don’t use it ; )

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    Domenique Opperman
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    Your videos make me want to travel back to Greece!

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    Emma Jane Menteath
    December 26, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Hey love, I’m so super keen on doing this next year. What company did you go through? And do you stay on the boat at night or do you have to find accommodation on each island?

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        Oh wonderful! Your movies are really so beautiful and special! Thanks for the reply Emma. 🙂

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