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Oep ver Koep 6

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Last year at the beginning of December, we took a trip up to the tiny fishing village of Paternoster with some friends for a few days.

The town was quiet, but gearing up for a busy summer holiday season.

We went into the very quaint Winkel Op Paternoster one day for bread and supplies, and discovered that there was an incredibly unique sounding restaurant in it’s adjacent courtyard.

I was immediately sold when I heard that the Chef, Kobus Van De Merwe, is a forager Chef and he finds his ingredients all over the west coast.

Ingredients such as seaweed and limpets¬†which¬†he picks from the local rock pools, veld olives, sour fig nectar… the list goes on.

We luckily got a booking for the next day and enjoyed an afternoon of eating and drinking delicious local wine.

We all left feeling like it was probably the most interesting meal we’d ever eaten!

So many chefs are inspired by other cultures (italian, asian, french), but to dig deep into our own history, landscape and tastes is remarkable and special.

Oep ver Koep 1

Chef Kobus

Oep ver Koep 3

Oep ver Koep 8

Watermelon + Veld olives

Oep ver Koep 4

Homemade bread + Bokom butter

Oep ver Koep 5

Oep ver Koep 10

Angel fish above. Limpets below.

Oep ver Koep 6

Oep ver Koep 7

Oep ver Koep 9

The 7 course tasting menu was around R300 per person (Dec 2015), and is definitely worth the trip. Just make sure you book.

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