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 A few weeks ago Dylan and I ran our first proper 10km race!

It was beautiful day in the Cape so we decided to spend the rest of the day in the winelands rewarding our efforts with food and wine.

Lust Bistro invited us to come try their menu, and that day seemed like the perfect day to indulge.

Lust Bistro & Bakery is part of Vrede en Lust (a wedding venue we’ve shot at a few times), which is on the road to Franschhoek in an area called Simondium. The drive is beautiful and the mountains are epic!

Lust is a lovely, sunny bistro that welcomes you with the smell of good coffee and fresh bread.

The food was delicious! We were expecting casual pastas and pizzas but were blown away by the quality, creativity and flavours. We had the risotto (with asparagus, artichokes, parsley and shallots) and the Pork Belly for starters, and the seared duck breast (with marinated wild mushrooms, pomegranate glaze and black rice) and Norwegian salmon for mains (for a kick of good health).

We were way too full to try their cakes, so we’ll have to come back another time for tea!

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After our sumptuous lunch we headed down the road to Maison (which i’ve blogged about before) for a wine tasting with friends, and if you’re looking for a quality wine tasting with a great atmosphere i’d definitely recommend it.

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All in all, a Sunday well spent.

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