UK Road Trip Film

Hello everyone! I’ve missed this!

I haven’t had the time or energy to blog here in a while, but it’s still a big part of my heart, and i’ve loved having this space to connect with you.

I realised today that ‘Emmajanenation’ is 9 years old this month! I can’t believe it.

Anyone been here since the beginning when I was wearing way too many hippie headbands and running around Johannesburg?

The headbands have turned into neckerchiefs in a new city and I feel like i’m running around, chasing the latest coffee shops a lot less but I still love sharing beautiful things, and i’d love to share our latest travel film with you.

I finally went through all our footage and made a video of our UK Road Trip last year. I made it as a ‘love letter’ to Dylan for Valentines day, and he loved it!

We shot this incredible wedding in Scotland and decided to drive up to the Isle of Skye afterwards (which is one of the most dreamy, out of this world places).

Here is a highlights reel of our road trip! London + other UK trip pics still to come.

Top tip for travel in Scotland: Do more research on weather proof shoes + clothes and take plenty of Peaceful sleep!

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