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    Lulu & Marula

    Lulu and Marula_0007

    I’m so excited about Lulu & Marula. A brand that is beautiful inside and out!

    Not only is their packaging beautiful, but the stuff inside is even better.

    I’ve always been a bit skeptical about all natural products, and particularly oil based products (especially on my ‘Combination’ face) but i’ve been using the Purifying Treatment below for just over a week and i’m really enjoying the results.

    The past couple of weeks have been a tad stressful, and I broke out with 2 of those really sore zits (there’s no way to sugar coat a zit). These can take ages to heal, and some people wouldn’t dare put oil on a break out, but the purifying treatment has totally balanced out my skin and healed those bad boys quickly.

    I’ve been using it twice a day and now I don’t want to use anything else!

    For those already wondering. It’s very light for an oil and is absorbed by the skin beautifully, and i’ve had no problems applying my make up over it.

    I think the price is really good the for the 50ml bottle, as you only need about 5 drops per application.

    Instead of stocking up on your current skin care routine at Clicks give L & M a try!

    Go have a peek at their swoon worthy, brand spanking new website and online store. Every item is tempting me right now!

    Lulu and Marula_0002

    Lulu and Marula_0003

    Lulu and Marula_0004

    Lulu and Marula_0005

    Lulu and Marula_0006

    Lulu and Marula_0007

    Lulu and Marula_0008

    Lulu and Marula_0009

    Lulu and Marula_0010

    Lulu and Marula_0011

    Lulu and Marula_0012

    Lulu and Marula_0013 Lulu and Marula_0014

    Lulu and Marula_0015

    Lulu and Marula_0016

    Lulu and Marula_0017

    Lulu and Marula_0018

    Lulu and Marula_0019

    Lulu and Marula_0020

    Thanks to Lulu & Marula who sent me a sample of these products. My skin routine has changed forever for it.

    Ps. A huge high five to White Kite Studio who is responsible for the gorgeous branding! (She also did the branding for Lad & Lass, dammit she’s good!).

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