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    Emily Moon

    Emily Moon_0019

    I will never forget our time at Emily Moon.

    It’s more than just a hotel, or a restaurant. It’s adventuring into a story and a legend you never knew existed, and one that you never want to leave.

    You drive off the seaside highways of Plettenberg bay and into an african paradise, full of eclectic treasure collected from far off places and all have a story to tell.

    Emily Moon_0001

    We stayed in the ‘Emily’ honeymoon suite, and I fell for every detail, from the tall candelabras to the well worn furniture… and with that view… I never wanted to leave.

    Emily Moon_0003

    Emily Moon_0004

    Emily Moon_0005

    Emily Moon_0006

    Emily Moon_0007

    Emily Moon_0008

    Emily Moon_0009

    Emily Moon_0010

    Emily Moon_0011

    After a relaxing first afternoon we headed to their beautiful deck for a sundowner and a pre-dinner laze on their huge day beds to watch the sun go down. It’s such a warm and inviting space to meet, linger and enjoy the last light of the day. I felt like I was in deep dark africa waiting to spot an elephant on the horizon.

    Of course there used to be many that roamed free back in the day.

    Emily Moon_0018

    Emily Moon_0012

    Doesn’t it feel like another world? India? Bali perhaps?

    Emily Moon_0013

    On our first night we dined at Emily’s Restaurant, which has the most beautiful dining room full of artefacts and once off pieces, photographs, and memories. We sat by the big fire, and enjoyed every bite of our evening meal surrounded by the glow of candle light.

    Emily Moon_0014

    Emily Moon_0015

    Emily Moon_0016

    Emily Moon_0017

    Morning coffee on our private balcony, complete with outdoor shower.

    Emily Moon_0019

    Time for breakfast.

    Emily Moon_0020

    Emily Moon_0021

    Bircher Muesli below. I had this twice it was so good.

    Emily Moon_0039

    Emily Moon_0022

    Emily Moon_0023

    The tropical spread.

    Emily Moon_0024

    Emily Moon_0025

    Emily Moon_0026

    Time to explore.

    At breakfast the owner personally went around to each guest to see what they had planned for the day, with a long list of recommendations of the best things to do.

    If you don’t feel like like heading out, pick a day bed by the pool and pick up a book.

    There’s no reason to leave, while you’re staying here.

    Emily Moon_0038

    On our final night we had a more relaxed dinner at Simon’s bar, which serves up the most delicious thin crust pizza and the best music!

    As with the rest of the hotel, I loved the maximalist style of the bar, crowded with artefacts from a lifetime of adventures.

    Emily Moon_0027

    Emily Moon_0028

    Emily Moon_0029

    Emily Moon_0032

    Emily Moon_0033

    Our last sunset, with our mini okavango delta.

    Emily Moon_0034

    Emily Moon_0035

    Emily Moon_0036

    Emily Moon_0037

    It was hard to leave, and I’m already planning our return!

    Emily Moon is a hotel and restaurant based in Plettenberg Bay, and they host weddings there too if you’re looking for a unique venue with amazing food!

    They have a special on at the moment where you can book a 2018 wedding at 2017 rates until the end of the year.

    Also look out for their winter specials if you want to plan a winter escape next year!

    For more information check out their website.


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