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    The Very Best Plettenberg Hotel

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-002-1000155

    Last weekend was my birthday weekend.

    I’m a whole twenty eight years old, and I have to admit I was scared of getting older but I actually feel better than i’ve felt in years… it really is true what everyone says, but more on that later.

    Back to the weekend trip.

    On Friday the 22nd July we boarded a 37 seater CemAir plane. (If you’ve never heard of CemAir, they’re a lovely airline that fly people to the less-serviced destinations like Plett for an example). They’re actually the only airline that flies directly into Plett!

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-003-1000158

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-004-1000160

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-005-1000166

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-006-1000169

    After a short, scenic flight we were in Plett being welcomed by The Plettenberg Hotel (part of the McGrath Collection), a classically beautiful hotel with modern luxuries.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-007-1000172

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-009-1000175

    I can’t even remember the last time I visited Plett, so it was a completely fresh and new place for me to explore, and I was honestly surprised by it’s raw and natural beauty!

    The little town is set in a bay, with beautiful layers of beaches, seas and mountains in the distance.

    It was a cool, wintery weekend perfect for getting wrapped up and exploring the area, but also resting and living ‘that-hotel-fluffy-robe-life’.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-012-1000183

    A peek into our beautiful room.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-011-1000182

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-014-1000197

    On the Friday night we had a smorgasbord sampling of all their new tapas and high tea treats. They were all so beautifully presented and tasted as good as they looked!

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-017-1000221

    Sunrise from our room on my birthday morning. I woke up way too early, forcing Dyl awake to drink tea with me and let me open presents!

    It was a very memorable way to start the day!

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-021-1000248

    It was a beautiful day on Saturday so after a big breakfast we went out exploring, with a really rad group of people.

    We went to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden, which was such a highlight.

    Monkeyland is a beautiful, free roaming primate sanctuary. We were guided around the forest, with cute monkeys running all over the place! My favourites were the lemurs!

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-022-1000312

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-023-1000314

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-024-1000325

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-025-1000327

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-026-1000335

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-027-1000343

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-028-1000359

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-029-1000376

    After the tour of Monkeyland, we went across to Birds of Eden which is also a sanctuary for beautiful, exotic birds. My favourites had to be the coral pink flamingos and the graceful black and white Swans.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-030-1000379

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-031-1000382

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-032-1000408

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-033-1000436

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-034-1000472

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-035-1000498

    A few of the rad people on our trip.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-036-1000509

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-037-1000514

    @scrumpyjackson below looking ominous.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-038-1000515

    That afternoon Dylan bravely headed out to explore the Knysna forest in the rain, while I bundled up in our beautiful room with a book.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-039-1000525

    Saturday night we ate in their main restaurant, The Seafood. I had the twice-baked cheese soufflé for a starter which was cheese heaven! For mains Dylan and I shared their seafood platter and the Cape Malay fish curry (always always go for local flavours, they never disappoint!).

    My curry also came with the very South African Malva pudding, with special birthday wishes written all over it (Thank you guys!).

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-040-1000703

    On our last morning I decided I couldn’t leave without a visit to their spa! I had their signature facial (including a massage) which was 1.5 hrs of pure bliss. My therapist had the hands of an angel and I almost fell asleep twice during the treatment. 

    While I was being treated Dylan went on a walk around the Robberg nature reserve.

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-041-1000710

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-042-1000731

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-043-1000736

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-044-1000742

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-045-1000746

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-046-1000774

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-047-1000780

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-048-1000789

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-049-1000792

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-050-1000833

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-051-1000855

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-052-1000869

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-053-1000914

    The Plettenberg Hotel Weekend-054-1000918

    What a place!

    I suddenly envy all those people who ‘do Plett every December’!

    It was such a perfect, restful weekend away, with an easy CemAir Flight back to Cape Town (this time on an 18 seater, where everybody has a window seat 😉 !). All in all, it was such a stress-free trip. Easy boarding, short flight and no waiting for baggage on the other end, because the captain literally hands you your bag when you land.

    I still feel rested and oh so grateful for those sweet 48 hours in Plett.

    Thanks to The Plettenberg for such a spoil, and to CemAir for the awesome experience of flying in your wonderful, little planes.

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