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    Lucky Bao eatery

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    We finally tried Lucky Bao in Hout Bay!

    This lovely, little 8 seater eatery has always either been fully booked or closed when we’ve been in the area. Hout Bay is FAR to us city dwellers so when we’re in the area, or plan to be in the area we’ve always tried to eat there, and a week ago the stars finally aligned!

    We’re big fans of Asian cuisine so we’ve been excited to try their offerings for a while.

    The space is great! Although it is on a main road which can get a little noisy.

    After trying a few things on the menu I would say their strength is definitely in their Bao and dumplings. We tried them all and they were simultaneously fluffy, crunchy and delectable. The pork belly and the sticky duck were my favourites, and we also loved the short rib gyoza (dumplings).

    We also tried their famous Wagyu Beef Burger, and while it was good we weren’t completely blown away by it. I think we expected more of an asian-infusion, but what we got was just a great burger (which might not be worth driving to the other side of the mountain for).

    Their bao is definitely worth it though, and their cocktails were delicious and different.

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    Go check it out! Just make sure you phone ahead or book first.

    Address: Pam Arlene Place, Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town

    Tel no: 0790674919

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