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  • bclub9
    London Travel

    the breakfast club

    I love having breakfast with you There are only 3 in London, and they’re all tucked away in backroads (we went to the one near Oxford street). Thank you lauren for…

  • epic-thighs
    London Travel

    A day at the Tennis gents

    On saturday I went to Wimbledon with Nicole and Alex. We queued from 6am for 4 hours (its just what you have to do) got free stuff felt proud to be…

  • naughtical3

    Hello Sailor!

    I’ve been looking for anchor necklaces and nautical related items for such a long time and London is like sailor crazy! 🙂 I even got my little niece in on the…

  • gracekelly

    I want to be just like Grace Kelly

    Here in London, there is an incredible museum called the Victoria and Albert Museum. and it really is Royal, the building itself is like a palace! Absolutely massive with a stunning…

  • IMG_5372
    London Paris Travel

    la la la lovely – Laduree

    Before Sunday I have to admit that I had never eaten a macaroon. I’ve seen them on lovely films like Marie Antoinette and always wondered what they tasted like.. They always…

  • 4
    London Travel

    city lights

    On Tuesday night I met up with some friends and we took a late night walk down the Thames River so we could look at the city lights.. (The sun only…

  • chic
    London Travel

    I’m in a dream called London

    Sorry for the total lack of posts but to be honest i’ve been totally overwhelmed by the awesomeness of London! There is soo much beauty and history, culture and creativity.. and…

  • day1_0309
    London Travel

    First day in London Town

    yesterday afternoon I ventured into London, navigated the buses and tubes and had a lovely few hours wandering around 🙂 NOW. I feel like i’m in London! There are sometimes funny…