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    The Jungle

    EJN | the Jungle_0030

    EJN | the Jungle_0030

    The Jungle has officially opened! A brand new venture from the same people that brought you Warm & Glad.

    They’ve converted an old, dark furniture shop into a beautiful, bright space full to the brim with covetable goods!

    It’s a concept store, possibly the first of it’s kind in Johannesburg (maybe South Africa) to combine a cafe, florist and shop stocking beautifully, curated goods including design books and magazines, home decor, beauty products and awesome apparel.

    Let’s have a look inside : )

    EJN | the Jungle_0020

    EJN | the Jungle_0024

    EJN | the Jungle_0002

    EJN | the Jungle_0003

    EJN | the Jungle_0004

    EJN | the Jungle_0005

    EJN | the Jungle_0006

    Drooling over these Gold and black cutlery sets.

    EJN | the Jungle_0007

    Mia Widlake | Studio No. 19

    EJN | the Jungle_0008

    EJN | the Jungle_0009

    Sneakers and back packs for days.

    EJN | the Jungle_0010

    EJN | the Jungle_0011

    EJN | the Jungle_0012

    EJN | the Jungle_0013

    EJN | the Jungle_0014

    EJN | the Jungle_0015

    EJN | the Jungle_0025

    EJN | the Jungle_0016

    Daniel Wellington

    EJN | the Jungle_0017

    EJN | the Jungle_0018

    Simon & Mary

    EJN | the Jungle_0019

    EJN | the Jungle_0026

    EJN | the Jungle_0029

    EJN | the Jungle_0028

    EJN | the Jungle_0031

    Their little courtyard.

    EJN | the Jungle_0001

    Jungle Blooms! They have an in house florist and also provide a delivery service to local businesses and homes.

    EJN | the Jungle_0022

    EJN | the Jungle_0021

    EJN | the Jungle_0033

    Pop in:

    357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg

    Opening hours:

    Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:30

    Saturday 09:00 – 15:00

    Also go visit their online store here

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