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    Last week I was invited to try out the Work + Co offices for the week. A brand new coworking space in Cape Town.

    I loved the experience of ubering into Bree street every morning, going up to the 11th floor of the gorgeous building and entering the cool, inviting space of the Work + Co offices.

    It most definitely has the fancy factor.

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    The space has been designed beautifully and the rent is very competitive with other work spaces in the city.

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    If you’re a freelancer wanting to work there for the day you will instantly have all your needs met.

    Fast internet, a calm and cool bubble in which to get some work done and free (amazing) coffee and tea served in their beautiful kitchen.

    We have a home office set up, and as much as I love my space, it felt really good to mix things up a bit and have a change of surroundings.

    I mean, who wouldn’t be inspired working with this as your view?

    Work + Co_0005

    See their full daily/weekly/monthly pricing guide and a peek inside the space at 

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