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    ORMS Print Room | Maker series

    ORMS maker series booklet-001-IMG_0247

    I love translating digital images into physical products. As a photographer and blogger the pictures I take usually only end up in the digital space, online or stored in archives.

    I love it when our wedding clients choose to print albums, or send us pictures of their framed wedding pictures around the house! It makes me SO happy!

    Orms Print Room has a huge offering of creative ways to print and display your pictures and design ideas.

    They let me try out two of their awesome products!

    Tiny Post Card Booklets

    ORMS maker series booklet-014-IMG_0314

    I love these tiny postcard packs I got printed at Orms. They are so adorable, and perfect if you want to make your own personalised cards or postcards from your instagrams and travel photographs!

    Earlier this year we took our special Granny for tea at the Mount Nelson for her 80th, and I ended up shooting a mini photo essay of all the green plants on the lovely pink walls.

    The pictures turned out beautifully so I decided to use them to create a series of postcards.

    These cards are the perfect size for a gift tag, or a little thank you card, and I think they would be perfect for personalised christmas tags!

    It comes as a little booklet, and you just pull out the cards as you go. Neat!

    ORMS maker series booklet-008-IMG_0282

    ORMS maker series booklet-005-IMG_0269

    ORMS maker series booklet-001-IMG_0247


    Orms Maker series Wallpaper-003-6245


    This was such a fun project!

    If you rent in Cape Town you’ll most likely be stuck with a pretty ugly bathroom (with a washing machine stuck there forever). They’re old, and it just seems like there’s not too much to be done to improve them without spending too much money.

    We’ve been scheming and planning ways to make it better and when I found out about the self-adhesive wallpaper that ORMS offers we decided that this might be a cool solution.

    So without too much time I found a bold, lovely pattern on Creative market for $8 (This is the one I used), measured up the wall and sent my design through to Orms!

    This is the before and after!

    Orms Maker series Wallpaper-001-1002392


    • So first things first we took off that awful bathroom cabinet
    • Next we had to smooth out the walls with polyfilla, a little sanding and primer to get the wall surface nice and smooth
    • After the wall was fully prepped, we laid out the wallpaper in our lounge and measured up again to trim it to fit perfectly

    Orms Maker series Wallpaper-001-0428

    • Starting on the right side at the bottom we slowly peeled off the sticker wrapper (you’ll need a second pair of hands for this)
    • We went nice and slow, insuring we smoothed out any air bubbles (rub it upwards) until we finished all the way to the top!

    (Side bar: You might have to still for arm breaks and to calm your beating heart. It’s not terribly difficult but it’s intense because you want to get it just right)

    The great thing about this, is that it’s basically a huge vinyl sticker, so you can unstick a bit if you’ve stuck it wrong (and it will be easy to remove later).

    • Moving onto the second side! This part is really important because now you want to line up the design perfectly so it looks seamless.
    • Again, just go slowly and evenly and you’ll get it right

    Orms Maker series Wallpaper-005-6256

    Mirror Solution

    We replaced the awful cabinet with this lovely round mirror from Tile Africa (R500) and tried to neaten up our toiletries on a tray next to the basin.

    I’m pretty pleased with the final result! It may not be the Pinterest bathroom of my dreams but it’s bright and happy, and definitely improved.

    Orms Maker series Wallpaper-002-6237

    If you’re feeling creative, go see all the other cool products ORMS has to offer and pick a project!

    Products supplied by ORMS Print Room.

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