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    The Rocking The Daisies survival kit

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.58.36 PM

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.58.36 PM

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0004

    Flat lay (clockwise): Maroon American Apparel Beanie, Banana (snacks), Neon Rose Top and Bottom, Pichulik neck piece, Simon and Mary hat, lip ice, sunglasses, mini mirror, Gentlemen’s hardware flask, portable charger, torch, Fuji Instax Mini, Fake tattoo.

    It’s only 10 sleeps to go until rocking the daisies and if you’re freaking out because all you have is your ticket, I’m here to help you with a check list of all the essential items you may need!

    Festivals are really not as glamourous as they seem. You see all these beautiful, fresh faced, Coachella girls in their crop tops and denim cut offs looking as cool as a cucumber… but the reality is those pictures are definitely taken at the beginning of the day (and probably the beginning of the festival).

    You’re most likely going to be camping, it’s going to be hot, cold, the loo queues are going to be long and you’ll be hungry or thirsty 80% of the time (dancing burns a lot of water and calories!).

    To stave off any feelings of grumpiness, make sure you pack all these essentials:

    The essentials

    Bring a day pack (back pack or cross body bag) to pack all of these must have items:

    1. Sunscreen. Do try get some colour, just don’t make the mistake of getting horribly burnt on the first day! The rest of the weekend won’t be that fun
    2. A hat that covers your whole face
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Extra Layers eg. Jacket and Scarf are nice to have when it starts getting a little chilly, they’re also great to sit on!
    5. A water bottle. Stay hydrated and keep filling it up when you see a tap!
    6. A mini fan (to keep you cool between shows).
    7. A power bank, portable charger (try get one that will charge your phone to 100% twice) + remember your cable
    8. Deodorant. To keep you smelling fresh!
    9. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer (you won’t always have access to a tap)
    10. Snacks (Festival food can be super expensive, so pack some nosh for the in between)
    11. Cash for drinks and food (also download snap scan if you don’t feel like carrying a lot of cash around).
    12. Mini First Aid Kit (just in case)
    13. A camera!

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0002

    Style & Beauty

    1. Head gear. Again a hat that covers your whole face, sunglasses (bring a spare just in case) and a beanie for when the temps drop low at night
    2. Loose-fit, breezy clothes for the day. I love this white two-piece from Neon Rose (from Superbalist).
    3. Denim is always a winner at a festival (shorts, skirts, jackets). You can wear them everyday and they still look great!
    4. A bikini/costume if you feel like taking a dip in the dam
    5. Extra layers. The Cape weather is very unpredictable, so make sure you have a parka jacket and a scarf (these will also be great to sit on throughout the day as mentioned above).
    6. Fake tattoos if you don’t have any real ones
    7. Boots / Sneakers – shoes that won’t make you hate your life
    8. Dry shampoo. A true festival lifesaver
    9. Hair elastics
    10. Lip ice
    11. Brush
    12. Soap
    13. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    14. Face wipes
    15. Mini Mirror
    16. Towel

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0007


    Don’t forget:

    1. Your tent, tent pegs and hammer
    2. Mattress, pillows and sleeping bag
    3. Eye patch and ear plugs (trust me on these)
    4. Chairs
    5. Camping table
    6. Torch
    7. Gas burner
    8. Camping cooking set (something compact and portable).
    9. Mugs
    10. Camping cutlery and crockery
    11. A bucket (to wash up)
    12. Matches
    13. Coffee / Sugar – whatever you need to not feel grumpy in the morning.
    14. Flask
    15. Eggs for an easy breakie
    16. Easy food that will keep over the weekend
    17. Cooler box with ice and drinks (you will end up buying a lot of food and drinks at the festival but it’s great to have your own stash back at the tent).
    18. Flags – a little tent decoration never hurt anybody and it will help you find your tent in the sea of tents later on

    and lastly just enjoy the weekend, the music, the vibe, the people and the food. Festivals are so much fun, especially when stop caring what you look like or what the weather is doing.

    Have fun and see you there!

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0001

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0003

    EJN Rocking the Daisies_0006

    White set: NEON ROSE on Superbalist | Denim Jacket: Forever New | Necklace: MRP

    If you’re keen to shop up some of these items you can easily order them online from Superbalist. All the links over at their blog.

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