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    Inside out: Introduction


    Have you ever had the experience of finally understanding something as whole? Not just each individual part, but how they all come together and just “click”?

    I remember when I first learnt about photography, having to comprehend the effects of shutter speeds and apertures, focal lengths and film speeds, it all just didn’t “fit” together. Each component could be understood and explained individually, but as soon as I was presented with a scene to capture, it all just morphed into confusion and contradictions! Then, one day …. it all just clicked!

    I finally understood how to balance them all together exactly how I wanted them to. A fuller, more refined understanding of the parts of a camera resulted in me being able to actually capture the image that I was seeing in mind. Balancing all of these little variables and inputs correctly resulted in my photography art: something I was proud of and something that people around me responded to!

    I’ve pretty much had that same experience over the last few months, but this time it was with my body! All of the elements that I’ve been fighting with over the last 27 years finally seem to make a little bit of sense, and when you learn how to balance them and work with them in a way that benefits the rest of the system you can get mind blowing results. Results you’re proud of, and results that other people respond to!

    The last 9 months have been a wild ride, but before we get too far into the details let me tell you a little bit more about where I was at 9 months ago.


    I was ‘gym-going’ girl with good intentions, leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. I was stressed but I was “happy”. However, I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at in life, especially with my body. I felt heavy, I had low energy. We were working too hard and I was super stressed out. Despite still being in my 20’s I felt more and more like I was getting “old”. Overall I was just uninspired, out of balance and in default survival mode. I’ve always been optimistic, but all these feelings were there weighing me down like an overloaded backpack – not the way you really want to be – trudging through life (even if it is with a smile on your face).

    Fast forward 6 months and so much has changed. I feel strong, I feel balanced and I feel young again!

    Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

    I’ve always known and understood things about nutrition, exercise and all of the things that make up a healthy body and mind, but it seems like its all finally clicked together in way that I’ve always been aiming for and I can honestly say I’ve resolved my food and body issues for life! (how’s that something to confidently admit?)

    I’d love to share some of my journey with you. I know we’re all different, but maybe some of what I’ve learnt about my body could benefit some of you out there. I’m by no means perfect, and definitely haven’t “made it” but I have had a lifestyle transformation over the past few months, and I finally feel like I’m on the path with my body that I’d like to stay on for the rest of my life.

    It took a lot of bravery to post these progress pictures but here they are:



    1) May 2016 2) July 2016 3) November 2016

    Posts to come:

    • Getting strong and fit
    • Food and nutrition 

    If you have any questions and comments feel free to send them through.