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    Country Road Simple Things

    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-016-

    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-015-0235

    Those early, quiet, morning hours at home watching the dew on the windows melt and glitter. No makeup and a messy top knot. Making coffee wearing nothing but your knickers. White linen bedding. A whistling kettle. Time together. Time apart. A bubble bath, and time to enjoy it. An old album from your favourite band. An empty schedule. A book you can’t put down. Freshly ground coffee beans and the crema on my espresso.

    I love my black double espresso in the morning, and enjoying it in bed. It gives me a technology free moment to wake up, think about the day ahead and order my thoughts.

    I love white linen. In reality I know it’s not going to stay white for very long but I love the purity and simplicity of it none the less.

    I love the morning light in our bedroom and the shadow play on the walls.

    I love fresh flowers in a vase.

    These are my small luxuries. These are my favourite simple things.

    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-001-8181

    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-014-0190

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    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-005-8500

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    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-007-8595

    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-019-0389

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    Country Road Simple Things x EJN-006-8539

    White duvet & pillows with black trim, Black mugs and bowl, vase & copper candle available at Country Road.

    Floor Lamp: The Artisan

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