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Cape Town Fashion

Freedom of Movement

Yesterday Dylan and I got our bums out of the house (away from the screens) for a little lunch at the street food festival in Woodstock. We had a full two day weekend this weekend! (Okay we might have…

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Nova Culture

A shop that only stocks three colours. Black, White and Grey. I’m sold! I don’t have a thing against colour but as i’ve gotten older i’ve been drawn to the simplicity of a monochrome wardrobe. I wrote a few…

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Food Travel

Schoon de Companje

  On my Stellenbosch trip I finally got to try Schoon De Companje. A place everybody has been raving about for years, and i’ve been dying to try. I loved exploring every nook and cranny of the shop. It…

Botanist Life | Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens_0005

Botanist life | Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

When I spent a week in Stellenbosch just over 2 months ago I had a chance to wander around the botanical gardens in town. Something I would definitely recommend if you’re spending some time in the area. It’s not…

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Majeka House

I have recently fallen hard for Majeka House in Stellenbosch. It’s a hotel, spa and restaurant that has been so beautifully designed you’ll want to steal the wallpaper and decor in every room! During Stellenblog I got to visit…

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The Ferry from Santorini to Folegandros

Everybody was still half asleep as they made their way on the ferry from Santorini to Folegandros. Tanned shadows of their former selves. The ferry was mostly empty, and with 3 hours to kill Emma-Jane started wandering around this…

Design Fashion

New Zana

Local brand Zana is unstoppable! They have just launched Zana furniture! A collection of clean and beautiful items for your home starting with this incredible trio of rose gold lights above, a desk and chair set and huge floor cushions for…

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My Stellenbosch Trip

One month ago I joined 4 international travel bloggers and two local bloggers on a trip to Stellenbosch! Coming from Joburg (and even living in Cape Town now) Stellenbosch has always seemed like a sleepy student town in the…



I’m going to Stellenbosch! This whole next week i’m going to be on a blog trip with a whole bunch of international and local bloggers to experience Stellenbosch. The trip is aptly named Stellenblog! We’ll be sampling some of the best…


MRP Denim

  Mr P Denim launched today. Go over to their site to check it out! They also have an amazing competition running where you can win a ticket to connect with a friend anywhere in the world just by…