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    alternatively don’t take the car


    What is my title about? My new venture / Alternatively / of course! It started out as a varsity project but I plan to carry on with it long after it’s over. It’s a campaign mainly on social media to make people more aware of alternative transport in South Africa. It goes without saying that cars are necessary especially if you live in a city but you don’t HAVE to use your car all the time! There are other options ya know! : ) so please go over to my new other blog (HERE) : ) and check it out and leave me a nice comment!? : ) I have a lot of ads I made myself, interviews with nice alternative transport using people and other bicycle/walking/long boarding related content.

    walkwithsomeone7755938_iwxongx0_ceverywhereiswalkingdistanceeverbodysdoingitineuropethayainterviewphoto1garybikelightlooks interesting hey? : ) If you’re on twitter & facebook I also have some pages set up there for / Alternatively. Please follow*and like* respectively : )

    Thank you amazing readers! : )

    ps. I don’t why my blog likes ruining my beautiful circles with square outlines. They come out beautifully on the Alternatively blog. : )