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    The Amalfi Coast on Film

    Amalfi on Film_0010

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    About a year and half ago (July 2013), Dylan and I went on a European adventure.

    One of FAVOURITE legs of the trip was our little Italian road trip. We drove from Milan, up to the lakes and down the west coast, ending off on the incredible Amalfi Coast.

    We had a bit of camera trouble during our travels and basically had to rely on our iphones to take ALL our pictures.

    The one day in Amalfi we chartered a little speed boat so we could go sailing around Capri and explore the coastline a bit. We didn’t want to risk getting our phones wet so we bought one of those awful little “Splash!” disposable cameras from a local Italian pharmacy.

    With 24 pictures loaded in the film off we went, snapping away, not being able to review or retake.

    After we got home the disposable got put into a drawer and we promptly forgot about it! During our move I found it, and put it aside vowing to get it developed as soon as we moved to Cape Town and could put it in the trusted hands of ORMS.

    I got the film back a few days ago, and even though the quality is pretty rubbish… there’s something about it that is so unusually special.

    It was like opening a present of cool memories, of another time, another life and I actually think I would do it again on the next trip.

    For one day ignore the iPhones and the SLR’s and making sure your hair looks good in every photo. Just shoot what you want to remember.

    Just take this piece of plastic, with only 24 frames and freeze something that you want to keep forever. Then, to make it more fun, wait at least a year to get it developed.

    Amalfi on Film_0002

    Amalfi on Film_0003

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    Amalfi on Film_0015

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    Amalfi on Film_0020

    You can see the rest of the photos from our trip to the Amalfi Coast here.

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