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    EJN goes to Tribeca Standard PTA-1332

    Dylan and I visited Tribeca Standard on Saturday while in Pretoria for a shoot. It is without a doubt the most beautiful restaurant i’ve been to in a long time. You stroll in and feel like you might have walked in from the streets of New York or London into a trendy lunch time bar. It has an old-worldy feel but still modern and new. As designer I was just drooling over every piece of branding and collateral I found – I mean even their take away bags are beautiful!

    We arrived after an awesome (but hot!) shoot and sipped up some delicious mango daiquiris and mojito’s. We weren’t overly impressed with our food but I think we ordered the wrong thing – I think it’s the type of place you have to order steak and burgers (and I think they’re famous for their oysters too), not their chicken salads. I guess we’ll HAVE to go back for dinner sometime to try a few other things on their menu ; )

    Tribeca is also famous in PTA for their coffee, which Dyl tried even though it was a sweltering day and said it was pretty good (they have a few other coffee shops around PTA – check here for venues, but Tribeca Standard has more of an emphasis on the food!).

    It’s at Lynnwood Bridge centre, PTA.