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    24 hours at Babylonstoren. Part One.


    Spending 24 hours at Babylonstoren was a bit of a dream. I’d seen about a million instagrams of it but experiencing it for myself was magical.

    We started at about midday on Tuesday at the Green house, with a bottle of their lovely Chardonnay while we waited for a friend to join us. It was a wonderfully warm day so we sat under the shady Granadilla tree while we perused their simple, yet exquisite menu. I couldn’t stop staring and taking photos of all the details surrounding me, everything felt designed with a purpose.. nothing was random. Every element and colour just fit together like a painting. It was SO hard cutting down pictures for this post, but trust me there’s more to come. This is just one corner of Babylonstoren.

    When my friend Candice arrived we decided to have lunch (and tea) inside the Green house. All the food from the Green house restaurant is mostly made and grown on the property. The juices above are their robot juices – you choose red, yellow or green and they make it up from whatever red, yellow or green fruits and vegetables they have growing in the garden. Fresh and delicious!

    On the menu you have the option to build your own sandwich or choose a garden salad (which is also whatever they have in the garden at the time).

    I had a biltong and Gorgonzola sandwich which actually ended up being way too rich for me, but it was still incredibly tasty. Their salad and fries were also delicious (actually everything was delicious). My favourite part of the whole eating experience was the way they presented everything. They bring everything to the table in a wooden crate, instead of a tray. The sandwich came wrapped up in beautiful paper and a napkin, sealed with their elegant and posh plastic cutlery (which charmed me so much that I bought a set).

    To prolong the whole experience we ended up ordering Earl Grey tea and scones (baked and presented in little glass jars). The scones come with Granadilla curd (which is pretty much the most delicious thing i’ve ever tasted), Vanilla cream and Shiraz jam (if I remember correctly).

    After tea we checked into our room, and decided to go on a bicycle ride around the garden. The day guests had left and it felt like we were the only one’s there. We cycled through the rows of Guava trees which by late afternoon smelt incredible, we cycled up to the the little hill and down again around to the lake. It was flat and easy to ride around, so we could focus on taking in all the sights and scents.

    For a winter sunset, it was warm and lovely and we made the most of every last minute of light. It was a perfectly magical afternoon, and we’re only 6 hours into the story. Stay tuned for Part two.

    In the meantime you can go here to learn a bit more about Babylonstoren. It’s located in the Drakenstein Valley between Franschhoek and Paarl so if you live in Cape Town you have no excuse not to visit.