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    Hello friends, how was your weekend?

    On saturday night we had a last minute dinner with friends – we cooked up some delicious prawns, I threw together a sweet punch and we sat under the stars and enjoyed the wonderful warm summer evenings Joburg is known for!

    For a good simple punch throw together some Sprite, orange juice, pineapple juice, chopped up pineapple, rum and schnapps.  Add an umbrella for effect. Punch is always a hit and will leave everyone feeling very merry.

    This summer I plan on doing this more often!

    Here are ten more things I plan to do this summer:

    1. Eat at home more.

    2. Do the usual braai differently.

    3. Make s’mores in our garden.

    4. Make a new bowl of punch for each party and perfect a recipe.

    5. Get all my salad ingredients and herbs from my potted veggie garden. (It’s looking very promising)

    6. Read more books, watch series less.

    7. Make something inspiring of our outside pavement.

    8. Make some delicious, attractive homemade ice cream.

    9. Wear red lipstick more often.

    10. Exercise earlier and often. I want to start waking up earlier and get into a good exercise routine – it also magically makes your day feel longer and you can get more things done.

    What are your summer plans?